May 8, 2010

Level 2 Sash

With achievements popping up for doing almost anything in the game, the climb to the second sash is an easy one.  There was much fanfare and celebration when I leveled up, what with fireworks flying every which way and icons dancing on the screen.  I find this charming sequence to be the true reward, rather than the items gained.

While a change of clothes is always welcome, I think I would rather don my normal attire.

The Bigger They Are?

"Play Kung Fu Faceoff against someone above your sash level"

Earning this achievement can be a little tricky because after Sash Level 2, you will always earn a sparring card for each level up.  This means that if you try to earn this achievement when you are level 2 and above, you will always be at a disadvantage because the opponent will have more and possibly better sparring cards.

The easiest way to earn this achievement is to immediately seek a level 2 opponent when you are level 1 (make sure you play a practice match against the computer first so you understand how this minigame is played).  The playing ground is even because neither of you have sparring cards to use.  In my case, my opponent dropped out of the match halfway through the game, so I won by default and earned the achievement.

Of course, this means that you could just ask a friend who is a higher level to play a match with you and then quit so you automatically win (but what fun is that?).

Good luck to all you KFPW achievement hunters!

May 2, 2010

The Weekly Fortune 5/2/2010

"The Weekly Fortune" is the only way to learn about game updates since there is no official blog or forum. 

You can access the newspaper in the southeast corner of the Town Crossroads.  Just click the pig next to the 新聞 (xīnwén - news) banner and you'll hear him cry out, "Here's the latest news!" If this is your first time reading the newspaper, you'll earn the First Edition achievement.

You can click the top-right corner of the newspaper to advance to the next page or the top-left corner to return to the previous page.  You can see how late I am in putting this up.  A newer edition of the newspaper has already been released, so it's a good thing I saved images of the old one!

Here's the full articles of the two stories:


Discover your inner kung fu.

Crowds cheered.  Fireworks flew.
Kung Fu Panda World opened -- and kung fu fans everywhere began to discover their inner Kung Fu!
Po the panda, also known as The Dragon Warrior, said "I'm glad to finally be able to share this awesome online world!! Now you can discover your own kung fu style, just like I did!"
Kung Fu Panda World is HUGE! You can have so much fun -- training, battling enemies, playing awesome games, and collecting all kinds of cool items in the world.  Custome clothing, powerful potions, silly scrolls are part of the fun! And the best part is - everything you do earns you Chi Points to get to higher levels - and unlock even more fun!


Did you know that this is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar? Practice Tiger Style kung fu by playing Master Tigress's favorite game "Tigress Jump."  You can find where Tigress Jump is located by checking the Map! Hint: check out the Town market by the Palace steps. 


You may know Master Shifu's history of training the Furious Five, and even the terrible Tai Lung.  Shifu recently shared his wisdom with a reporter from The Weekly Fortune.  Here's what he had to say:
Master Shifu, how can a player make it in Kung Fu Panda World?
Everyone's journey begins by creating your kung fu self playing my personality game.  your answers tell me all I need to know about your inner kung fu style!
What then?
Your goal is to reach higher levels of kung fu.  Everything you do here can earn you Chi Points that help you move up to different sash levels, play new games, wear fancier clothes and more.  You can also earn coins and use them at shopping carts.
How do you earn these Chi Points?
There is no "right way" to earn Chi Points, only your way!
Each player's journey will depend on their own choices - whatever games, activities and achievements you choose, you will earn your way to higher levels.
Any other advice for new kung fu players?
Have fun! The heart of good Kung Fu is just being yourself - if even a silly Panda can become the Dragon Warrior, I can't wait to see what type of hero each of our players can become!

The featured Chi-Game is Tigress Jump, which you can play immediately by clicking the Play Now button.

Interestingly, this image shows snow leopards as playable characters.  I inquired about this via the Contact Us button, and "Nicola" from Kung Fu Panda World Support had this to say: "At this time, Monkey, Panda and Tiger are the character choice options for players. This may change in time, but we have no news of an imminent change."

I hope snow leopards and other animals become playable creatures eventually!

Nothing bonds two strangers like busting out moves to groovy beats.

Leaderboards will be a welcome addition to the game (as long as no one cheats).  You've probably seen the many leaderboard banners that are scattered throughout the game.  In fact, there's one right outside your house! The Chinese character 勝 (shèng) in the center means "victory."

May 1, 2010

Wanna be a girl or a boy? Choose one!

Creating your character in Kung Fu Panda World is quite fun and can take surprisingly long if you're trying to get that perfect look (or you just want to listen to the background voice say, "that's so your color" again).  Since you can't really modify your character after you make it, you'll probably want to decide carefully.

You can be a male or female Panda, Tiger, or Monkey.

Clicking an animal will generate a randomized persona.  Here are some examples.

Next, you pick from four head types per animal.

Once you've selected your desired head, you choose the fur color.

Then you move onto your starting clothing color.

The final step is choosing a name.  
You have the option of making a name by combining preselected words or typing in your own.  
If you type in your own name, it will have to first be screened, and your player name will temporarily be KFPW_[user number] like KFPW_1234567.  Getting your name approved can take quite awhile, so many players opt for the first option to immediately have character names.

Getting help choosing your name lets you spin a slot wheel of words to randomly make a name, or you can scroll through the lists manually to find a specific word.  Clicking the OFF button lets you turn off that column so you can have a name that's only two words or one instead of three.  Clicking a tab at the top lets you pick from a list of words that are Tough, Sweet, or Silly, but judging from the names I got under those filtered lists, I don't think they're very accurate...

So for those who already know what names they want, go ahead and type it in (no spaces allowed, though).
If it's already taken, then a list of alternatives will be suggested.  Otherwise, you just type in another one.
Remember that it won't show up until after it's approved if you choose to go this path!

When you've finally finished creating your character, you'll be ready to enter the world of Kung Fu Panda!

I decided to make a tiger since that's what Shifu suggested my inner kung fu mostly was.  Being the unoriginal person I am, I chose orange since that's the color of tigers (and also because the tiger icons on the left are orange already!).  For my clothing, I went for the colors of nature: blue like the sky and green like the grass.  As for my character name, I chose XiaoHu, which means "little tiger" (小虎) in Chinese.  Unfortunately, until this name is approved, I will have to play as KFPW_451630.  

Hope to see you in the game!

Your Kung Fu Self

Prior to making your KFPW in-game character, you can opt to take a six-question quiz that helps you determine if your personality is most like that of a monkey, tiger, or panda.  The questions are accompanied by wonderfully drawn pictures, and I had fun trying compiling all the questions into a single image.  I managed to find 27, but there may be more.  If you happen to find one I don't have, please tell me!

Notice: the fullsize image is 2610x5040 and 16.3 MB

BONUS: Find the Shifu that isn't like the others

Apr 30, 2010

A journey of a thousand miles...

Before I take the first step of Laozi's famous proverb, I should probably give a little introduction.

In case the title wasn't a dead giveaway, this blog is mainly about the online game Kung Fu Panda World.  It's a browser game that immerses players in the lush Chinese environment of the movie.  The artwork is superb and music from the original soundtrack is integrated into the game.  There are plenty of minigames to play, but it's just as fun running around the world searching for items or chatting with other players.  It's the product of ten million dollars and two years worth of work, and the result really shines.  An achievement of this magnitude surely deserves more attention, but despite its rapidly growing userbase, I am unable to find anything about the game other than what has been reported by news outlets.

Being that it's a social game and encourages player interaction, it's only natural that there should exist a community of these fans outside of the game.  Anyone who has played Pet Society, for example, is probably aware of the numerous blogs, forums, and fansites dedicated to the game.  An official KFPW forum has not yet been provided, but I think it's only a matter of time before one is added.  It's really fun to be able to share experiences, stories, tips, strategies, secrets, and basically anything of interest with other players, and that is what I aim to do with this blog. 

Our goals are all to be the legendary Dragon Warrior of legend, yet the path to this destination is not traveled in solitude, but with companions, and so I hope all of you prospective kung fu masters out there will honor me with your presence and wisdom.  Let us take this journey together.